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Danger Dash

Danger Dash

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About this game

A runner game for players who are not afraid of pushing their reflexes to the limit in a dangerous dash to victory. Run through the jungle, survive scores of obstacles in a lost city, and hold on for your life in the mysterious temple! Only a real runner will survive!

Game screenshot

  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022101922521288344.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022101922521279985.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022101922521355515.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022101922521467245.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022101922521596976.png

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  • IOS
  • Android

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