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SuperHero 2: Chaos Giant

SuperHero 2: Chaos Giant

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About this game

The sequel to the globally popular Superheroes game with new UI design , new gameplay and four times map size!!! SuperHero.io 2 Chaos Giant is a thrilling online superhero game. This time you can through occupy enemy's weapon make battlefield chaos. Let's use your favorite heroes to collect exp point to level up, or you can be a giant or invincible by pickup the skill items. Daily bouns and daily tasks will help you collect heroes easily.

Game screenshot

  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022051520561848002.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022051520561891557.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022051520561996013.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022051520562031135.png
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2022051520562186924.png

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