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The Margin of Fate | H5

The Margin of Fate | H5

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About this game

Turn-based strategy game. As a core member of the Earth Alliance, you will serve as a captain, leading the space army against the Baiao extraterrestrial civilization represented by the "Class A cube". In order to defend your homeland, the human space army will set off in a mighty manner. Your deployment is required, please Guide our course.

Game screenshot

  • https://oss.youxee.com/2021120114433948081.jpg
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2021120114434083644.jpg
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2021120114434151677.jpg
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2021120114434214429.jpg
  • https://oss.youxee.com/2021120114434386420.jpg

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